July 07, 2011

Make a call for MOM- Stop First Mortgage Corporation from foreclosing on a disabled teacher

Story about my mom

Everyone, please help me with this! It will be a short call
or email and it could help my mother more than you can imagine.

Congressmen Darrell Issa's office is aware of this situation
but I need to push it into the forefront with them. My mother is going to lose
her home in ELEVEN DAYS because a mortgage company refused to process paperwork
for a program to keep her in it. She was a teacher up until this last school
year and now because of a spinal cord injury is totally bedridden. They want to
make a disabled teacher homeless. It costs them money if they let her into one
of the programs, if they foreclose then the federal government backs the loan
and they get all the money. It is nothing more than greed.

Please help me by calling the Constituent services and
asking them to help my mom stay in her home. The more calls they get, the more
chance we have of them intervening on her behalf. Thank you so much.


Leslie Bouchard is my mother, her mortgage company is First
Mortgage Corporation of Ontario.

Congressman Issa's Constituent Services:

Amy D. Walker or Phil Paul


Or you can email



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