June 16, 2013

Been gone awhile

I've been awful the last few months about updating. It's been crazy but really, when isn't it? So, our sweet boy turned 16. He is now legal to drive. Daddy fixed up Rosie (my old car) for his munchkin, so our kiddo has a car.

Toad and daddy went on a daddy/son bonding motorcycle trip across 5 states for a few weeks to celebrate Toad's birthday and fathers day. They met up with my FIL and my nephew for part of the trip.

Toad and my adorable nephew Sky-dog

Papa, Uncle Gary, Toad and Sky-dog

The boys at the Idaho border

Papa and his two grandsons

Daddy and his Toad

Toad, being silly

The bikes

Photographer Toad, taking pictures from the back of daddy's bike for almost 3 thousand miles. They are eager for their Alaska trip next year. :)