April 27, 2012

Tree of life pendants

My first attempts at tree pendants. I was warned that if I started doing wire wrap jewelry I'd get hooked. It was true. I like the look of the aluminum wire, but I think I should use silver wire in the future as the aluminum is fairly soft. The copper is great though. I tried with some seed style beads and some glass rock style. I prefer the glass I think. We'll see, I may try to mis the two a bit.

April 22, 2012

Berries are already coming in!!!

We were given some great thornless boysenberry plants from a friend, the Toad and I transplanted them 2 weeks ago and they are already flowering!!! The raspberries, blackberries and blueberries we planted last year are thriving and I am looking forward to homemade jam this season. :)

We also got the tomatoes and peppers planted. We are trying to outsmart the deer this year since they ate all our stuff last year. Downside of living in the country, we have critters. In any case, the Toad was a huge help to me and we got several plants done in hanging planters. Take that deer.

All the herbs I planted last year are doing fantastic even though our weather has been wonky. Today it is in the mid 70's, two days ago it was pouring rain and foggy... We have had temps hit the high 80's and we've also had hail in the last month. Mother nature is going through the change. But, our plants have been troopers, so I'm not too upset. We just added spearmint, tarragon and sage to the herb garden. I'm hoping they do as well as the ones we already have.

April 17, 2012

Altered book (WIP)

Accordian style book, this isn't finished yet, but I hit a creative block and haven't finished it. I used different empherma with it and ranger inks. Not sure how I want to finish it.

April 13, 2012

More Altered Matchboxes

I've been playing with punches and old books lately. These two bird punches are quickly becoming favorites.

New butterfly punch as well.

I added a moon to the elf house box, I thought it was missing something. So now it has a moon with a smiling face. Because moons should be happy.

April 08, 2012

Pesach same'ach

Happy Passover everyone. Went to my mom's for Seder last night, spent the day relaxing.

New projects that I need to take pictures of....

April 04, 2012

Mixed media collage finished

Flowers and birds are vintage dictionary pages. I used a bit of distressable ink on them to give the edges definition. Sealed with a gel medium.

April 01, 2012

Mixed Media collage (WIP)

I haven't decided what to do yet with this, but I am liking how it is going so far. This was an aluminum sign from the dollar store. Amazing what some paint, compound and powders can do, huh?

This is about 6X6. I used white caulking as the base on the metal. I added texture to it to give it some depth. Then I did a paint wash of blue green and black, starting from opposite corners. Dried it with the heat gun, then used pigment powders over it and sealed it with gel medium.