June 10, 2011

The Toad's birthday

Our little man is 14 today. I don't know where the last few years have gone. I'm pretty sure he was a baby not too long ago, my sister concurs. In any case, he really is a little man now, instead of a kid. It is amazing how much he has grown and changed in the last year. His dad and I couldn't be more proud.

 He asked for a table top lathe for his birthday. Barely out of junior high and he wants his own power tools. His dad spent a small fortune on one for him. He does beautiful wood work at school and wanted to be able to do it at home. I will post some pictures when I take them.

I'm trying to accept the fact that my baby is really gone. I'm in awe of the man he is becoming, but a little part of me misses the chubby cheeked baby. In honor of that.... This is the Toad, when he was a tadpole. I know, try not to be overwhelmed by the cute.

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