August 26, 2013

Weddings make me cry apparently

Our dear Eli got married this weekend to an awesome woman (Vanessa). I got all teary eyed. That's never really been an issue before, I guess the 30's are making me soft. :) In any case, great ceremony and so much happy stuff.

Me and Honeye

Vanessa and Eli, so happy. :)

New shoot

I've been working my ass off with crazy weight training... literally and figuratively. In any case, I had a shoot recently to benefit breast cancer research and we had studio time to play with afterward. So I played.... The thing I am most happy about is that these are "raw" images, meaning low res, no photoshop. Yep, that is my abs without digital help. :) Not bad after 3 kids.... :)


I've been painting. I keep forgetting to take better pictures before I mail them off... In any case; family and friends have worked out a first call dibs, first served with the paintings that aren't being sold. :) These are some friends and family ones from the last couple months.

The Ball 2013

We had (as usual) an awesome time. The ball was as always, an experience.
My Toad, as the Cheshire cat.


The entire dancing cast

Mommy and Toad. Toad as the Cheshire cat, Mommy as "Wick" from the devil's carnival.

Grant from the Myth busters... yep.

Mommy and other costumed people
My costume without the make up....