May 30, 2012

May 20, 2012

Labyrinth Ball

It is count down to the ball this year. McHottness will be traveling so the Toad and I are going solo. We decided to go for a punk Alice in Wonderland theme with him as the hatter and myself as Alice. I've gotten his jacket and half of my costume picked out already. So excited!!!

The inspiration for my costume this year:

May 17, 2012

Random stuff

Got my mom moved in today. She loves the new house.

In any case, more soon. There is new legislation for CA, I will post more when it comes up.

May 05, 2012

Bottle Charms

Decided to use some of the cute little bottles I got at Hob Lob.
 Alice bottle charm
 Mini Terrarium charms
 Note in a bottle charm
 A steam punk necklace for my Toad.
 Haven't finished this one yet
Wire and bead charm.

May 04, 2012

Almost finished with the circus freak

I've been lagging. Now I need to make him a home. I'm debating a book like I did for the fairy and mermaid or maybe a shrine. We'll see. This little guy got set off to the side for a while and I forgot about him.

May 02, 2012

We did it!!!!

The loan for the new house funded today. My mom's situation has officially been resolved, we just need to move her to the new house. Not exactly how I wanted, but I'll take this and be good with it.

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped. Thank you doesn't cover it really, I spent the last year or so fighting this, and in the beginning often times I was discouraged, tired, angry, and just feeling like there was never going to be an end that wasn't bad. That all changed about 9 months ago, after months of following up every lead, every shot in the dark, calling, writing and emailing every office of every elected official or government agency I could, I started to see glimmers of light in the form of people who cared enough to step in and help. One person would segue to another lead, who knew someone in a group, who could tell me where to call about something else. This has been a winding and crazy road, and I couldn't have gotten to this point in it without all of the amazing support I received.

This was the combined effort of so many awesome people and I don't want to leave anyone out so I apologize if I do. It isn't intentional, I promise. ACCE,'s economic justice team, Occupy San Diego/Los Angeles/Wall Street, Occupy our homes, The Urban league of San Diego, the OB Rag, American Banker, everyone who wrote a letter or made a call on behalf of my mom, every person who showed up at the protests on her behalf, and of course all of the many  (Over 41 thousand) supporters who came on board to put their name behind helping her. Love to you all.

More photos of the event from Johnny at:

I'd also like to make mention that in both instances that we encountered Riverside county police, they were supportive, respectful and extremely polite. You don't see that enough, so I feel like it needs to be said. Every single officer I dealt with at both the occupy movement at my mom's as well as the petition drop off at the lender was a great example of how police should be. So, thank you Riverside County for putting out officers who represent you in the manner that they do. They were situations that could have gone either way, and the behavior of the officers kept them positive and respectful. (Hint hint SD county....)

Also, we dealt with a total of 5 Senators offices over the course of this. Senator Boxer and Senator Anderson's offices were extremely helpful and I want to thank them for that.  Anderson's office was the first glimmer in leading us to help. They directed us to Henry Miles of the Urban League. Whomever is running against Bono-Mack will have my campaign support, I plan to volunteer my time to whomever is opposing her in the next election.

So, to all of you, I say thank you. I made a promise to my mom and I couldn't have kept it without your help.