March 30, 2013

Here fishy fishy fishy

Took his royal Toadness to the aqarium today. It was too gorgeous out to be cooped up...

Inside the aqarium

One of the large tanks

The tide pool

The view from the tide pool. We live in a seriously beautiful place.

Shark bait!

March 28, 2013

Repo the genetic Opera/The Devils Carnival!

I have been swamped busy lately... in any case.... Toad and I are going to the Repo/Devils carnival event next week. We are of course super stoked as we love love love love both movies. The nerdiness is overwhelming, I know.

And since we take any opportunity at all to wear weird stuff in public, we are going in costume. This is mine:

It's kind of a Maiden of Woe/Hell's Harlequin sort of thing, the skirt is from a steam punk outfit of mine and obviously the top is one of my any corsets. I need to pick jewelry still and my make up will have a white based face. I just didn't bother putting on full stage make up for the trial run. It's a pain to wash off. The costume isn't exactly like one of the maindens of woe, mostly because I don't generally own clothes with those kinds of prints on them. We are working on a bit of a time crunch to put something together. But I feel like it will go with the feel of the event and work fine.
In other news, the count down to this years masquerade ball has begun. We've already got our tickets for Saturday night and I think we will end up going Friday too. We'll see. Friday is steampunk night, so we want to do both. I've picked my costume for this year, but haven't started making it yet as the supplies are still en route to me.
I'm going as Wick from the Devil's carnival. This is her:
The waist cincher, corset boning to make the cage skirt and the gloves are on their way. I'm on a mission to find the bolero jacket now. Wish me luck on that, I'd rather not have to sew one. Gauzy fabrics are a huge pain.

March 11, 2013

Unicorn Meat guide

Daddy saw a picture of a unicorn meat guide and decided the Toad needed it made into a puzzle.

I added glitter because as we all know, unicorns fart glitter. True story.

March 09, 2013

April events at Brazen Arts Gallery

Get out and support local artists and local business! I have a ton of work for sale here, as to many other awesome artists. :)

March 03, 2013

Family fun and update on the fairy house

Well boys and girls, I've been slammed busy lately... So I suck at updating. My bad.

In any case.... The fairy house is coming along.

And I took Toad and Rach to Scandia... As you can see we had very mature, grown up fun.

The highlight of this was he jumped on this singing "Shut up woman and get on my horse". He's our kid for sure.
(For those of you unfamiliar...

There was a troll behnd me.

They were cheating like a mother f-er at mini golf.