November 15, 2010

Upcoming events and other such nonsense.

Busy next few weeks…

This weekend it looks like I am shooting (paid) which is exciting. I’m still adjusting to the idea people will pay me to be a photographer. On that same note the following day I am shooting as well, though as a model. I am looking forward to that shoot. It is with one of my very favorite photographers ever, Bob Zandeigh. We’ve shot together several times, but not for a few years and I am eager to be in front of his lens again. He has a great eye, the emotion he captures in his pictures is fantastic.

And in just two short weeks from today, I hit the dreaded 3-0. My 20’s are officially behind me; I say that with a mix of indignation, incredulousness, and utter shock. I took 19 like a train wreck, so I guess it goes without saying that 30 will be harder. I don’t even know exactly where the last decade went. In any case, McHottness has already bought annual passes for universal studios for us as a family to take me out on my birthday or there abouts. It has become something of a tradition now that every year he gets family annual passes to some amusement park for us on my birthday. And we already have Social D tickets to a sold out show coming up, great venue. They were touring back east for the longest time, so it is nice to be able to get tickets here now.

Of course the holidays are quickly approaching. I booked a photo shoot for the family with another photographer friend of mine Josh Coffman, he did some of our maternity shots and several of my fine art shots from before. We wanted new ones that included the newest kids in the family. I’m looking forward to those. Sadly they won’t be done in time for holiday cards. Oh well. I’ve already gotten a head start on holiday baking, I stocked up on everything over the weekend to get going.

I’m trying to decide where to go for our 13th anniversary coming up and I am hitting a dead end in terms of making up my mind. Our anniversary being New Years is a blessing and a curse. There is *always* something to do, but it is hard to find openings. As of now I am down to a cabin at Big Bear Lake, a bed and breakfast in Morro Bay or Idyllwild, a room on the strip in Vegas or….. well, a few other things. Lol… I’m having trouble pinning one thing down. Vegas will be packed. Big Bear, Morro Bay and Idyllwild will be cold (which isn’t bad, but limits things like using our kayak or backpacking gear) I don’t know. Grrrr. I need to hurry up though or no place will have an opening.

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