September 15, 2010

Make my first feltie

I bought "The cute book" and "Zombie felties" because I wanted to break in my new sewing machine and the Toad wanted to learn to sew. So, this is the first attempt. Learned a few valuable lessons.
1. Don't use red pen on white felt. You can see the smudge up by the ears from tracing the head.
2. Any and all felties I make will be stolen by the Toad almost before I finish the last stitch.
3. I need to make alot more of these and start playing with it.
The zombie felties book will have to wait for a short while as most of my art supplies are (sigh) still packed. We should be unpacked sometime between now and the New year, I hope. On the upside, the Toad looked at the books and has already begun to make his own creations off hte ideas he saw there. I will take some pictures of his later and add them. Super cute.

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