September 18, 2010

Cheesecake, Brownie and Cake Balls, oh my!

Baking up a storm today! Decided to take the cake ball idea and run with it. I am making some of my (now) famous cheesecake as well as some decandent brownies to be made into balls as well. Our friend Eli is getting old tomorrow and I promised him food.

So... I am making red velvet cake with a dark chocolate raspberry on the outside, Carrot cae with white chocolate, Brownies with mint milk chocolate and cheesecake with plain chocolate. I will post pictures when they are finished. Oh yeah, and caramel corn. I'm using my family's old recipe for caramel corn as well. :)

Edit: I am adding a picture of the finished balls from the party.

Cake Ball “Recipe”

1 box cake mix
1 box instant pudding in a flavor that corresponds with cake mix
Frosting in corresponding flavor
Chocolate melties

Add pudding mix to cake mix, bake cake as usual. Let cool. Crumble cake into a bowl. Add enough frosting to the mix that it will hold its shape when formed. Form cake into balls. Freeze them. Melt chocolate melties in a double broiler. Remove cake balls from freezer and coat with chocolate. Put them back in freezer. That is all. (Thanks to Bakerella for the idea, fabulous!!!) So far, brownies and cheesecake have turned out fantastic in place of cake.

Some of my favorite variations so far:
Red velvet cake with dark chocolate outside
German chocolate with mint milk chocolate on the outside. (I use the Wilton brand flavorings for this) These come out tasting like thin mint girl scout cookies.
Carrot cake with white chocolate on the outside
Brownies with milk chocolate on the outside
Cheesecake with dark chocolate raspberry on the outside (again, Wilton flavoring for this)

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