May 31, 2013


Took my surrogate niece to a painting class while my darling Jess was in surgery yesterday.
This is us. Painting.

Alecia with her "cave of doom'. :)
This was my version in class. I didn't like the paintbrushes (too bulky), I think next time I will bring my own. :)
And this was what I did the next day at home. I think I like the lack of leaves better.
And this was my attempt at something more complicated. I am annoyed once again by foliage. Moral appears to be that I don't like leaves. Hmmm... Oh well. It is a process and I'm still learning. Painting isn't one of those things that comes naturally to me but I really want to get decent at it for my own enjoyment.
For the locals, we went to Paint and Vineyard.
It was a laid back, fun environment and they allow wine or beer if you need a little creative help. :)

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