April 07, 2013

Repo/Devils Carnival event

One word.... Awesome. I met Emilie Autumn and Terrance Zdunich. Terrance complimented my make up. So fucking rad.

We are in the middle right hand side. The pledge was because Emilie premiered her first music video at the event, and they asked us not to record it because it is having it's world premiere soon. It is for the song "Fight like a girl" off her third album and the video is epic. I will link it once it comes out.

The looks we got walking out of the hotel were hilarious. Apparently the demonic clown and the graverobber look aren't the norm. Who knew? In any case, tons of people were taking our pictures at the event. Good times.

Terrance sang!!!!!


Getting situated before it started.
Shadow cast for Repo, this is obviously Repo Man
Pavi and Rotti Largo, shadow cast.

The event went until 2 am so obviously we stayed at a hotel. The next day, we hit up the pier. :) We love Santa Monica almost as much as we love Hollywood. Almost.
Toad, looking back at the rides
I look so excited. :)

Photobooth Mommy and Toad style.

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