February 09, 2013



I've had fairies on the brain lately, no clue why. My usual fare is more towards dead stuff... in any case....

Finally finished a fairy house. The base for this was one of the dollar mini bird houses from Michaels. I papered it then made a new door. The fairy lamp is a baked marble and acorn cap. The mini snail is in a real shell.

Window in back has mica sheets as the "glass"

Finshed fairy village.

Art doll work in progress

Mini fairies for an as yet unfinished scene

Tiny cloche of toadstools

Thimble gardens

This technically isn't a fairy thing, though it does have fairy elements on it, so it counts. :) I made this for my mom. The beads are all done as individual wire wrap, there are charms at the bottom of each. Most of them I made, a couple I used store bought charms. The wood is from our orchard, we had to cut a few trees down recently in the older part of it. I snagged a few nicely shaped branches and some bark for later fairy houses.

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