November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving time

Had an amazing thanksgiving with family. Dinner was delicious. Here is myyearly list. Things I am thankful for in no particular order:

1. My fabulous Toad. I couldn't ask for a better kid or a more sarcastic evil minion in crime. He's growing up to be such a responsible, brilliant and incredible person. And humble.... Who am I kidding? Not humble. :) But still brilliant and amazing and crazy good looking.

2. My mommy. I love her so much. I could write pages about how awesome she is, but instead I will just say my mommy is better than pretty much everyone else.

3. Having a great relationship with my little sister. And as an extension of that, her totally great boyfriend. I love anyone that makes her that happy. And also hopefully some nieces and nephews soon. (Hint hint.... ) :) Love you guys. And get with making little people please. I need kids that are local to spoil that I can give back. Stat.

4. My extended family and in laws.  I have some awesome family. My hubby has some awesome family too. I'm lucky that his family loves me like I'm blood related. Not everyone has that with their in laws. I have an awesome sister in law and nephew that I adore thanks to hubby's brother.

5. My fabulous, sarcastic, weird friends. Love love love. You guys are special, and I don't mean that in a little bus way. (well, maybe some of you) Hubby and I have some incredibly cool people in our lives. I have also been gifted with some awesome women in my life that aren't related to me and I appreciate and love them a lot.

6. Working with a bunch of great people and having a good job. My company takes care of its people and I work with people that care about each other. You don't find that often and I appreciate it. Also, we have a gym at work and I pretty much think that is the best thing ever. So does my waist line. :) I'm in great shape, I have my work gym to thank for that.

7. Living some place I love.  We've been here for a couple years now and we fall more in love with this place the longer we live here. I love having land, having a garden, having no neighbors closer than acres away. It's so beautiful and peaceful when I  get home.

8. My new pimp ride. :)  I am pretty much in love with it. I didn't plan to buy a new car, but hubby insisted I deserved a brand new car. I'm glad he did, it is fricking awesome. And the Toad now has my old car, so it was good for both of us.

9. My adorable fur baby Wicket. I don't think there has been a day in his 5+ years he's been in our family that he hasn't brought extra laughs and lovins. He's the most awesome puppy ever. Seriously, you cannot be in a bad mood near Wicket.
We are heading out for camping tomorrow, vacation time. :)

 Toad and Maddy are ready to go. :)
Fabulous Toad, being fabulous.

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