August 22, 2012

Caves, Giant trees and bears... Oh my! *Just kidding, we saw no bears

Finally back from the wilderness... Last camping trip of the summer and it was AMAZING. We camped in King's Canyon, kayaked Lake Hume, explored the Sequoia forest and went into the Crystal caverns. I need a vacation from our vacation though. So tired but happy.

The view from 8500+ feet, compliments of four wheel drive and a forest service road near Buck Rock that led to the fire look out.

Top of the world Toad

I'm in  a tree


The "vortex' of doom. AKA, a huge stump

Daddy and his Toad

More hiking

The General Grant tree

The land tank (and our "boat") at 9000 feet.


I'm in a hut

The waterfalls above ground from the caverns

Some of the rock formations

Crystal Caverns

Tuckered out after many days of climbing, hiking and cave exploring

Boole Tree

In a cabin from the 1800's

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Daddy and his Toad at Boole Tree

"Look at the view sweetie, turn around' heheheheh

Making grilled cheese over the fire

I climbed into a burn scar in the Boole tree to get this shot

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