July 08, 2012

Meatloaf concert was epic

So, the picture quality sucks because no cameras were allowed. Which when you consider pretty much every cell phone is now a camera makes little sense. Digressing.....
In any case, Mealoaf rocked it. The only downside is he played nothing off Bat out of hell II, so that made me a little sad. I can honestly say McHottness and I made out many a time to "I would do anything for love" when I was in 7th grade and I was feeling a tad nostalgic for that. But, he played tons of his older stuff, it was amazing and reminded me of dancing on the couch with my mom when I was 4. All in all a win.

My dear friend Jessica was my partner in crime last night. The best part of last night though, hands down, was the crazy drunken old people dancing in the aisles. I hope by the time I am that old, I have learned to dance quietly in my seat rather than look like I am having a seizure in front of thousands of people. I wish I could have gotten pictures, but as mentioned earlier, no cameras allowed. my phone doesn't do dark pictures very well....Bummer.

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