June 21, 2012

Zombie pony (WIP)

So, every year for the last I don't even know how many, McHottness manages to sneak a my little pony into the Toad's Christmas and birthday gifts. Sometimes it is stickers, sometimes an actual pony, sometimes just a eraser. In any case, it is a running white elephant joke between them.

Our house is also planning hard core for the zombie apocalypse. The Toad even has an arsenal of zombie killing tools, compliments of many a "Father/Son Home Depot run". Zombies are sort of a family thing with us. We plan for the end of the world, we enjoy zombie flicks on family movie night, good times are had by all.

For father's day this year the Toad managed to sneak a pony into his dad's gifts. His dad was proud. It was then decided that the fate of said pony was to become a zombie pony. I have been tasked with the transformation. This is in no way finished.... but here is what I have so far

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