December 06, 2011

Amazing updates with my mom's house

HUD agreed to add another 90 day hold to First Mortgage while we sort out this mess and save my moms' house! has listed my mom's petition in the featured section and has done a press release about it. It was even in the email they send out. (Thank you to my dear 'adopted' munchkin for that find.)
Additionally, Occupy Wall Street in New York is issuing a press release about my mother today in honor of action against foreclosures, and the OB Rag will be talking about my mother at the San Diego Occupy  Rally as well. The Occupy Homes movement has committed to being at her house if it comes to that (which I sincerely hope to avoid by saving her house prior to that) but it is nice to know that there will be a mob blocking if need be.
I am so happy I have been nearly bunny hopping all day. This has been amazing. We will be doing a live broadcast from my mothers home on the 15th, I will link it here.
While dealing with First Mortgage Corporation in trying to help my mom, it made me question how anyone could be such a soulless monster such as the VP of Loss Mitigation for First Mortgage Joe Sanders (His contact information is in a previous post by the way). I might post some of his emails later for examples. Things like this restore my faith in humanity. Several people have suggested occupying First Mortgage's corporate office and I am kind of hoping that happens.  :)

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