October 24, 2011

My uncle Harry died last night

My great uncle Harry passed away last night after a brief but brutal battle with cancer. He was my grandma's youngest sibling and an amazing guy. I grew up running around his resturant, playing darts in the back, and getting extra whipped cream on my hot cocoa. He always set the juke box in the bar so I wouldn't need to put money in and never complained when I drove everyone nuts with repeated playings of the beach boys and madonna. (To my defense, I was under 10. My music taste is much improved.) In 1990 our house was lost in a flood. We lost everything we owned. My uncle Harry and aunt Janise let us stay with them, even though it had to be a bit much having a houseful of people and made my birthday special. I turned 10 only a few days after this happened and as you can imagine it was not an easy time.

Here is to sneaking up after everyone else is asleep to eat birthday cake and drink big red soda. You will be missed uncle Harry. I love you.

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