October 26, 2010

Almost forgot to post.

Finished the mermaid!

I dyed some netting with black tea and then walnut ink and paint. This started out as a lingerie bag that had a broken zipper.

I utilized a bamboo soap dish I acquired g-d only knows where for the purpose of bashing. The bashed parts of it are the frame work she is resting on.

The seashells were from our last trip to Morro Bay; I need to book our spring camping trip there now before the sites book all up. For anyone that hasn’t gone, it is fabulous. The bay is perfect for kayaking and there are the cutest otters.

Okay, back on topic…. Reindeer moss looks just like seaweed, in 1/12th scale of course. Obviously that went in as well. I found some at the dollar store and was very excited. Sadly, they were out of the 6 inch skelie’s by the time I went back, so I have to wait for next year to replenish my stash. Luckily I still have quite a few.

I sealed the whole thing with a faux glaze and it is done. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. I am now working on a couple commission pieces and upcoming photo shoots/editing, not to mention the holidays are here and that of course means a ton of baking. I will post pictures of the projects/recipes as they go.

I started on a shadow box last night that so far looks beautiful. I just need to find my misplaced chicken bones for it. I swear I lose things more often the harder I try to put them where I “will remember them”. It never fails. I varnished a perfect wish bone, aged it, then put it someplace “safe”, now I can’t find it. Evil gnomes got it or something.

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